Monday, 15 July 2013

Sitting in that classroom, hearing the teacher announce my term project, I had ideas rushing through my mind. I was asking myself at that moment, which room in my house that I can freely redecorate and transform the space and have the end result ready in time for the deadline. That evening on the bus ride home I thought of my little sister's room. She been wanting to experiment with her room and create a cosy and modern space for herself. This was an opportunity to look outside the box, be extremely creative and give my little sister that space she always wanted for her room.

 I had three weeks to meet my deadline and present my project, I had to stay within my budget of three hundred dollars and of course reuse the furniture. So as you may see in my before/after photo, I spray painted her twin size bed and the working station desk with "Krylon Decorative White Interior Spray Paint, Aerosol". I also purchased a white "Ikea KALLAX Shelving Unit" with "DRÖNA" black storage boxes which was used as wall storage.

Incorporating a dove grey paint in her bedroom was a neutral colour idea which came to mind when she mentioned that she wanted to have an all season feel. The paint also had to bring continuity no matter what colour scheme she decided to change her textiles and décor. I than added new Metallic wave curtains from "Maison Simon", a black framed wall mirror, new duvet covers with cushions and a wall canvas of Paris. When my Deadline finally came, I did not only receive excellence for my project but I was able to give my little sister a space she really loved and still loves till this day.                                             

2 comments on "50 SHADES OF GREY?"
  1. I love the transformation. It looks like two completely different room. Great job! I'm in love with the color scheme you used. Looking forward to seeing your future projets!

    1. Thank you, It's a rare colour that you won't see in a bedroom setting very often but I find it works well for a teen bedroom. Can be use as a unisex room.