Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Hello to my fellow designers, decorators, bloggers and viewers,

I know it's been a while since my last post, but I got really crammed up with work and apologies... but in the midst of chaos I had privileged to create a furniture layout and redecorate Dawson Christian Fellowship club at Dawson College.

Walk with me while I show you the finish product of this 48 hour project.

Come on right in.....This is the view from the entrance door... small space, isn't it?


Now I want you to stand right here for 3 seconds and imagine twenty STUDENTS in here...CROWDED?
YES! It gets very crowded in there...


This is a wider view of Dawson Christian Fellowship (DCF). This club is for the community of believers at the college where they can connect, build their faith, pray, and reach out to others in their school.  This is also a place, where you can go, chill out, have your lunch and just socialize.  On different occasions the club holds meetings and gatherings, and during these times, they receive a fair amount of friendly faces.

During an afternoon conversation with Kim; the Treasurer of DCF, who's also a really good friend of mine and a sister in faith, the conversation led to the furniture layout of the club. In conclusion, I was given the privilege to accept this project of redesigning this space. The DCF committee stated that they wanted to refresh the place and create an inviting environment for both woman and man in the college. That's when I started the brainstorming.

I took out my sketchbook and started sketching possible design and layouts; I was able to even put the different layouts to test. I had a list of different ideas I wanted to imply in this space but of course I had to wait to find out the budget designated to this project. After presenting different ideas to Student Union, they offered a reasonable amount of financing for re-decor only. The terms and conditions were, that we were not allowed to replace any of the furniture for new ones; they would have to be reused/secondhand. So I decided to keep it on the low and just create a functional space while reusing their furniture and other materials in the club.

Here are other BEFORE photos of DCF...


This is the view of the wall storage unit...The use of storage organization is strongly needed here...


Alright.... With the help of lovely Kim (the Treasurer of DCF) We were able to produce a finished product...


AND VOILA!!!! Welcome to the new DCF


This is the current view of DCF from the entrance door.
Take a good look at the different walls. The wall on the right remained the same with the corkboard in place in addition to all clippings. The wall on the left was transformed into a sticky note "Prayer Wall", where students can write their prayer request on. The little blue love-seat sofa was move to the back on the room to maximize walking space throughout club, while the little round café table was moved to the near front, next to the right wall for better interaction.

This is the seating area near the corkboard.


Bringing you closer to the back of the room, here is the view of the blue love-seat sofa and the storage area on the left. Notice anything?


Here we are, the finish product! With clear boxes purchased at our local Canadian Tire, I was able to provide DCF with a organized style for their wall shelving unit. In addition to the clear boxes, labels were used to provide a clear indication of the purpose of each boxes.

Last but not least....This is a photo of the left prayer wall...Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, The use of Washi Tape was used to frame the stickies...So...What do you think?


And there we have it....DCF.....
Once again, thank you to Kim and DCF for allowing me to "Refresh" your space.

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