Monday, 28 July 2014
Showing an interest in cultural traditions can inspire you to create a space in which influences a dynamic style. One of the rooms that I will be designing is a shared living space therefore privacy will be one of the main focus in this room. I got a hold of these beautiful Quincy Japanese Folding Room Dividers which inspired me to incorporate a part of the Japanese style into the small bedroom. I than started looking online at different Japanese room design to get a feel of what is used in terms of materials. I came across this space with I absolutely fell in love with. The things that captured my eye  immediately were the use of birch coloured wood, and the natural green elements.

In the small bedroom space that I am designing, I will be using the following furnitures, The classic Ikea KALLAX Shelving Unit - Birch effect.

I absolutely love the KALLAX shelving units because or their function. There are difference sizes available but I tend to use the single or double column units for minimizing furniture space and maximizing storage. In the past I've used cubby boxes (DRÖNA storage boxes) as the drawers because of the dimension of the boxes; very well sized. **NOTE: They come in different colours**.  This time, I would like to experiment and use the  KALLAX Drawer System

Since this bedroom is being shared with the living room as I previously mentioned, closet space will be an issue, that's why creativity and inspirations will allow me to give the feel of a closed bedroom to this individual. The  KALLAX Drawer System is an affordable and excellent system to add to the shelving unit. It is only twenty dollars (plus taxes) for Canadians at your local Ikea store. There's also the KALLAX door insertion System as an alternative if your not of fan of drawers.

Although Japanese beds are designed to be low, to respect the budget I will be reusing the current bed which is a birch wood single size bed. The closest image I was able to find to represent the current bed was this one, which only has the wood effect similarity. 

The lighting that will be used in this space, is mood lighting. A dimmed warm effect. Keeping it affordable, the MAGNARP Floor lighting was my first option. Manufactured with rice paper, this floor lamp definitely gives you soft ambience lighting. 

 To complete this space, A beautiful ivory animal furred carpet will be added in front of the bed. Take a look of the mood/inspiration board....

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