Tuesday, 22 July 2014
Alright designers, I know it has been a while but a lot has happened in the last few months, right now I am in the process of designing an 860 sq ft apartment. It's an urban apartment that will be fully renovated by the end of august. My preliminary stages of design has started, I am working with the floor plan for wall separations and furniture arrangement. During this process, I was inspired with a yellow and grey theme for the smallest bedroom so I draught down my ideas and created a mood board.

The dove grey is a soft color that combines and contrasts well with yellow, that's why these were my color palette choices. I plan to paint the window wall with grey and white strips to create and aesthetic look. For tips on color choices, and a quick color 101, check out my post Color tips. To give a warmth and cosy feel to the room, I will be adding white sheer curtains which will give an opaque look and also let the natural daylight into the small room .This room is an 81 sq ft bedroom (really small), That's why maximizing storage and organization will be important in this space. Once again, I will be using the Ikea KALLAX Shelving Unit for storage.

 I will also be adding the BRIMNES Heaboard with storage compartment  to the existing queen size bed.

The actually home designing is due for mid august, for now I will be posting my different ideas for each room until the renovation has been completed. Stay tune for more room inspirations...

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