Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Alright students, it's that time of year again...Back to School! For Fall 2014, go back to school with personalized notebooks and supplies. This DIY is an easy and affordable way to give those boring plain notebooks some LIFE.

First you will need a plain notebook/sketchbook and scrapbook papers which you can purchase at your local craft store such as Omer DeSerres and Michaels. Than you will need double-sided tape, transparent tape and scissors. Alright, you are ready to start.

1) PREP PHASE - Get materials & supplies

2) STEP ONE & TWO - Simply unwrap notebook/sketchbook

 3) STEP 3- This step is simply mounting your SB paper on the front of the notebook. I didn't take a photo of step three because it will look different for everyone based on the design of the scrapbook paper. Mine were postcards, So I separated them and placed them in an order I felt looked aesthetically pleasing.

4) STEP FOUR & FIVE - After placing your scrapbook paper on the cover using double-sided tape, Tape the edges of the cover with transparent tape, this way the edges of the paper will not tare overtime. In the next step you will place another scrapbook paper in the inside cover, cut off any excess with your X-Acto knife. When the cutting process is completed, apply tape on the surrounding areas for smooth edges.

5) After you have completed all the steps, you will have a finish product. And Voila!

Here are the BEFORE & AFTER....

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