Friday, 24 October 2014

For the past week I have been admiring the new Target Threshold™ Gold Task Lamp off Pinterest, so yesterday I decided I would go see if it was in stock at my local Target. When I finally found the Threshold™ Gold Task Lamp , I took a deep breath and admired it for about a minute. For some reason, I start contemplating whether I should purchase it or not...Ever have those moments? When you plan to purchase something and than have last minute second thoughts? That's exactly what was happening...After about two-three minutes, I told myself that I would sleep on the thought of buying the Threshold™ Gold and come back tomorrow if I decided to get it. When I got in bed, I started contemplating why I needed the lamp...So I started "Pinning" and Instagraming "Threshold™ Gold." I than got inspired with animal prints. I personally love leopard prints. Now, since I have already painted my shelf a matte gold (Check it out in my latest DIY), I thought it would be a brilliant idea to incorporate prints and gold finishing in my room. 

As a designer, the first thing we learn in design school is to convert our ideas/inspirations into visuals... so that's what I did. I got my leopard print scarf, scrunchy, my Honey Marc Jacobs and some dry roses. The prints represents the textiles, my Marc Jacobs represents the glamorous rustic gold finishing, and the roses are the pop of colour in the space.  

I also found some spaces that had the Threshold™ Gold.

Via Style by Emily Henderson

Via Style by Emily Henderson

Via Target

Finally I decided to create a Mood Board/E-Board to gather my design inspirations...

What do you guys think of the animal print and gold palette? Classy chic?

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