Friday, 14 November 2014

Four more weeks left!

I get mixed feelings. We all know that four weeks disappears when we have a full plate, it’s the feeling we get when we know that time is limited and we need more of it. In another context, four weeks until winter break seems like an eternity.

To all my fellow schoolmates that have these shoes on right now, I just want to take a moment and acknowledge your dedication.  As the end of term projects and exams have approached and piled up, stress and anxiety levels has double.

Now, for all those that know me well, you all know that I’m someone who just loves taking care of my body. I like to keep my health routine consistent as it has helped me maintain a lifestyle and not a diet. I’m someone who tracks my daily intake of water, appropriate meal type, time and portions, my in-between meal snacks, my triple daily intake of herbal tea, and even my weekly exercise time.

When others hear that I still find the time to be physically active although the heavy load of deadlines, they assume that I have free time on hands. I am usually asked, how do I keep organize and find time to exercise. My answers are simple: consistency and time management.  I cut five-six workout hours out of 168 hours that we are given in a week.

Another thing I practice is {SLEEP}, which is really hard.  It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to find the time to sleep during these days so I decided to add three new elements to my daily routine to sustain myself until break time.

I want to share some tips that will help you and I get through the remaining of the semester.


1-  TEA TIME – Tea vs. Coffee

Beside the general fact that tea has four times less caffeine than coffee, tea contains antioxidants, which helps protect your immune system against nasty infections. Another fact that has been proven in different Asian cultures, is that, green tea in particular, has worked as an anti-depressant for many centuries. The intake of natural herbs can stimulate such in our bodies. For myself I drink tea to help with digestion so I can feel energized and not bloated after my meals. Bottom line is, tea is the perfect beverage to add to your current daily routine.

{Caffeine is great to keep you awake, but you ideally want to sustain your body in a healthy way to you avoid high caffeine intakes.}

(I have included Life Hack’s tea benefits page, as it is a great resource to see the advantages of different teas.)


There are a lot of interpretations and studies of whether hot showers or cold showers are better for you. I personally love hot showers over cold but I will share the advantages of both and when to apply them.

Hot showers are known for relieving tense muscles. That is exactly why it feels amazing to stand under the hot steamy water at the end of a long day… Hot showers also open up our pores for deep cleaning, it helps with decongested colds, and it also increases our oxytocin levels, which is needed to cope with anxiety.

Cold showers are known to create body shock in temperature; this is what stimulates mental alertness. It also protects your skin cells by closing all open pores and tightening your cuticles {so dirty won't enter}. I recommend taking a cold shower either in the morning to wake you up or five minutes after your morning hot shower. 

*As an addition to your shower, try AVEENO® Stress Relief Body Wash as it’s clinically proven to help calm and relax your body. It has active natural colloidal oatmeal, with lavender, chamomile and ylang-ylang oils, great for relaxing and calming your body and mind.


Take some FRESH air! It’s simple but very effective. Fresh air gives our body a really nice dose of oxygen, which improves concentration and gives a boost of energy. Even if it’s minus 20 outside, take your fifteen-minute break and just renew your mind and body with exterior FRESH air and natural vitamin D! 

{"Vitamin D stimulates your pancreas to make insulin. It regulates your immune system.}

- "Michael F. Holick, PhD, MD


The complex explanation of the phycology of music and its effect on the human brain, one must research the studies to understand the complexity. To keep it short and sweet, let start listening to more music during our assignments, study and travel times. This will stimulates our brains and depending on the type of music, this may help cope with stress and ease anxiety.


EXERCISE! EXERCISE  EXERCISE! It’s the remedy for stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue and many more! Don’t take my word for it, forget the surveys and researches, try it for yourself, and keep it consistence. You’ll see a difference.

{Friendly reminder to all those in a career based program, enjoy the learning process as it will teach you to love your future career and passion. Stick in there, we are almost done another semester!!!}

As an inspiration, I want to share the architecture of the day... Who knew that adding pink to an  architecture would change the character of building...

 Filadelfia Corporate Suites - via Arch Daily

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