Thursday, 8 January 2015


For those that don’t know me, let me formally introduce myself. My name is Priscille, and I’m a designer!

As I started my brainstorming and vision statement for this new year, I paused and really searched deep in my mind and heart to withdraw something anew. This vision searching went to a new level. I asked myself who I was and what I was really passionate about. 

This is my answer - 

I’m a dedicated woman who is driven to help, serve and inspire others. I have a desire and passion to use design to change someone’s heart. I know I’ve said it before, that I truly believe that design is more than colours, plans and decor, but let me really explain it to you.

For some time now, I’ve been feeling this prompting on my heart. It’s simply to use interior design to help woman in need. BUT HOW

Well, here it is. I want to redesign woman shelters or woman charity homes. Fact is, there are many woman, young to mid age, whom have been trafficked, suffered conjugal violence, have unplanned pregnancies (unwillingly), and has been isolated. These woman need a place to go. That’s when shelters and charity homes would take them in, but because of budget, most of these places look and feel much like a motel or institution rather than home. 

Here's a preview of space planning process for this vision:

**Fact: There are prominent studies which shows that the design of an interior space has the ability to affect one’s sociological and emotional health (both positively and negatively). **

I plan to work with the shelters and charity homes to design a space for these woman, where they can go to, and feel like they are home with a community of loving individuals. A place that reflects comfort, safety, healing, warmth in an aesthetically pleasing way.

That’s my vision.

Having all this passion bottling inside of me, of course I started to GOOGLE!!!!

I googled “women's shelter interior design”, and guess what? There are designers who have dedicated their time and work on such places…Isn’t that AMAZING!!!! I came across interior designer Vanessa de Vargas ( and design consultant Vanessa Kogevinas ( featured on Woman’s Day Magazine. They redesigned Los Angeles' Good Shepherd Centre for Homeless Women & Children, giving them a place to temporary call home. This project took them six months to complete, with the help of 30 local designers who worked nights and weekends to transform this space. They were also blessed with donated furnishings which they used to complete the makeovers. 

After seeing the finish product of this project, It gave me great joy and sparked up my vision even more. I definitely can’t wait for this season to happen! If after reading this, you're ready to make change and birth this vision, comment below, I want to hear your feedback!

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