Tuesday, 15 September 2015
Let's start the week with a restaurant tour shall we??!!!For those of you that has never dinned at "The Q" before, this is a sneak peak of their classic industrial interiors. "The Q" is short for the "Queue de Cheval Steakhouse" in Montreal. They are know as "The Crown Jewel of Steakhouses". Although "The Q" is best known for their steaks, they also offer a fresh variety of seafood in the "Angry Lobster" lounge. Alright it's time for some visuals.....

Welcome to the Queue de Cheval Steakhouse...

This restaurant contains three levels, the "Angry Lobster" on level one, the open-concept kitchen on the ground level and private dining on the top floor. Let me take you to the Angry Lobster lounge first...

Right this way...
Notice the beautiful use of mahogany wood
Raw stone
The view when you get to level one
Welcome to the lobster lounge 
Glossy velvet tufted banquette
The fresh seafood bar
Now, let's make our way to the top floor...

Private dining
Floor-to-ceiling wine cellar
small group dining... (notice the copper ceiling tiles)
Balcony view overseeing the open-concept kitchen

There you have it... a quick tour of "The Q". If you have dinned there before feel free to comment below and share your personal thoughts on their interior design. 

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