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It's a brand new week! There are exactly 17 days until I sit in front of our Christmas tree in my holiday flannel pajamas and open lovely and heartwarming gifts...I absolutely can't wait!!!!! Isn't Christmas time such a jolly and hopeful season??!!

Anyways, let me get out of my holiday socks for just a few minutes and share with you something deep and "life-changing"!

“Not everyone in interior design gravitates towards this important area of design”. This was my design professor latest word to me. She was making a remark on an “issue” that is often put aside in the interior design industry. Perhaps not intentionally, but it does. 

Looking beyond the beautiful interiors, plan construction, and late night/ long hours of work, one question I believe should always be asked when designing, “What is the purpose of the design?” I mean, really, how does an aesthetically beautiful interior benefit someone? Actually, let me scratch the surface and ask, what’s the importance of an interior designer if less than 10% of the world population can benefit from it? (Fisher, 2009). After reading a recent article by Jill Pable –“Socially benefit design”, it really made me think. It was that one remark she made that brought me back to reality. 

{Putting it in context} - There are currently more than one billion people all over the world who is undergoing great suffering from poverty, sickness, homelessness, etc… and for these people, interior design doesn’t mean much especially when their priority is to find their next meal. 

Sadly, not enough designers understand the weight and the positive impact they can have in the lives of their community.  

During my read, the works of Eve Blossom stood out to me. She is founder of Lulan Artisans, a high-quality textile producer. She is one of the interior designers who understood the power of “designing with purpose”. Pable calls it “Socially benefit design”. Blossom started her company to design and create a high-quality textile that was made available to the western markets. By doing so, she guaranteed 650 locos (from Laos and Taiwan) a fair wage so they wouldn’t be lured into prostitution to make a living. She set the captives free. She contributed to putting an end to one of the world’s biggest problem (Human Trafficking). She made a difference!

At this point, you’ve probably got the impression, that I am a very passionate woman and that I have great concerns for the need of others but to be completely raw, I didn’t always see life through the same glasses…

Years before I worked in a financial institution, I was pursuing a career in aeronautics. My fascination for aircrafts started in my first year in college where for the first time the technology and fabrication of planes became so interesting. The thought of a “hunk” of metal (heavier than 15 busses combined) flying in our skies fascinated me! After completing my prerequisites in sciences, I applied at several aeronautical schools across Canada to pursue my “dream” career. After weeks of anticipating an acceptance letter, I received one from a renounced aeronautic school in Northern Ontario.  Weeks before the move, I received a noticed that changed the route to my “destiny”. I’ve stepped into a financial roadblock that brought me back to square one. I still remember that breezy afternoon, sitting on a bench downtown, thinking to myself, “what now?” I honestly felt like everything I ever worked for was being robbed from me… It left me feeling so empty and hopeless. 

{Fast Forward to February 2012}

At this point, I was blessed with a great position at a financial institution. I had a stable job and making a decent income. I was comfortable. I was settling in a new career and slowly wanted to move up the corporate ladder. Two weeks before March 1st 2012, my future plans took a detour again…  I applied to the interior design program at Dawson College. I thought to myself, if I can’t build a plane, perhaps I could design the interior… {But that’s another story to share – I did share my journey in the program on my recent post “TOP 5 REASONS TO EXPERIENCE DESIGNER SCHOOL” >> Feel free to check that out!!!}. 

Now, here I am, in my final year in the interior design program. Choosing the path in the different areas of design… Several options were given to us for our final project. This final project is a solo project and the biggest project of the program…In some ways, this project is intended to reflect all of our skills and knowledge obtained during these three years. It may also portray our style and personality as this is also a project based on personal choices… {The choices were: Hospitality, Office, Retail, Residential, and Community.} Disappointed with not being able to design an aircraft interior or airport, I stepped back and looked at my options… With the help of my loving “baby” sister (she’s not really a baby, just several years younger than me), she opened my eyes to something I didn’t realize about myself. 

Throughout the interior program, I have always been interested in designing spaces for a specific targeted market. For retail design, I have designed a maternity store (to accommodate mothers or soon-to-be mothers in their new season of pregnancy), and for the community project, I have designed a space for young pregnant women and new mothers (age 16-21) who have gone through traumatic experiences. The community project was designed to help these young women embrace the season of carrying and baring new life although their past experiences. It is a space also intended to teach life skills and baby care. Moreover, I have always looked for ways to design spaces alongside with supportive environments. I’ve realized that my heart for interior design really belongs where the need of “people” are (hence “Design With Purpose”). So, for my final project, I have requested to design a Postpartum Wellness Clinic / Maternity Clinic. (I’m really not sure why all the baby bumps, but somehow unconsciously, it has always come as my first and final choice.)

I’m not certain where and how my design journey will continue, but all I know is that the purpose of my studies in the interior design is simply to “give back” to communities and help those who are in need. 

Join me, and together let's all Aim to “Design With Purpose”!!! 


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