Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Before 2015 ended, I was privileged to participate in a kiosk design competition. The challenge was to design a kiosk which will assist customers to design their home interior.

The client for this project is HBC (Hudson's Bay Company), the exhibition designer is SO Showcase, the tech partner is Linkett, and the manufacture is Artitalia. The winner for the PAVE kiosk design will be showcased at the 2016 Globalshop show in Las Vegas.

To represent team no.1 (which contained myself and another designer) I will share the process and concept for our design.

3D Kiosk guideline 

The 3D kiosk guideline is given to give a 3D preview of how the kiosk will be showcased at the 2016 Globalshop show
Kiosk Floor Plan 

Kiosk framing designed by SO Showcase


Original idea {rough sketch}
Development of original idea

Getting into details...

3D evolution {designed in 3Ds MAX}


Design is not restricted to those in the industry, it welcomes anyone who allows design to transform their space.  Pave kiosk will give each individual/client an exceptional “retailing experience”. This experience will allow the client to become the “designer”. 

The Pave kiosk welcomes clients with a floor-to-ceiling glass panel on the left side of the main kiosk entrance. HD videos and imaging are projected onto a smartglass panel which will introduce the client to a self-serve design “experience”.  


Station one starts the self-serve design experience. This station consists of an iPad/Tablet  where the HBC’s furniture catalogue can be explored either for the new season’s collection or perhaps the end of the season sale items. Client may also explore different styles desired for their home interior.

Once this is completed, the client will receive a code that they will use in the next stage. They will then make their way to station three in front of the large touch screen where they will have the opportunity to insert their selected style (using code provided from station one) into a preselected space or their own space. 

Station three will demonstrate a better understanding of how the selected furniture fits in a live space, or the client’s home interior. As the client chooses their furniture of choice on the touch screen, a preview of furniture will be displayed as a 3d holographic image in station two. This is a great way to see the furniture in 3D! 

Station four is the final step of design. Colour, texture and type of material for selected furniture will be selected in this station. After finalizing colour, and material selection, client will be given the opportunity to also receive “live samples”. These samples include numerous textiles, vinyl, leather, plastic laminates, etc. If the sample of choice is not available on demand, the client will have the option to have the samples mailed to the luxury of their home.

Upon completion of selecting the samples, an overview of the overall design will appear on Station four’s touch screen where the client will be prompted to enter their email address. This will allow the client to be emailed a digital copy of their design experience for future references. At the final station they will also have the opportunity to finalize their design and proceed to purchase the furniture of choice. 

Smart Glass is used on glass surrounding kiosk

                                              Holograph is used in Station two

Although this design didn't make it to the finals, I am very proud and honoured to have had the chance to design such piece. Feel free to comment below and let me know what you think of the concept and overall design!!!

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