Thursday, 25 February 2016

Are you a coffee lover? If your answer is YES, than this post is JUST for you! If not, don’t leave yet, I PROMISE, this post has a meaningful content!

Truth is, I'm not a coffee lover {I’m a tea lover - herbs lover}. Perhaps it's because I'm very particular in what I consume. 

This is my theory: 
< Coffee, wine and chocolate falls under the same “harvesting concept”. >

Here's why:

There are many different types, brands, and quality of wine. Same goes for chocolate. There are a variety of chocolate; white, milk, dark, and assortment flavours. They’re are also different brands and quality of chocolate. Moreover the exact same concept works for coffee. Of course we must keep in consideration the location where the grapes, cocoa, and coffea are grown but also the different characteristic which makes up quality aged wine, delicious dark chocolate and soothing coffee. 

To sum up this short commentary, I’d like to clarify that one of the reasons I don’t drink coffee, is not only because of the “caffeine” but because I haven’t found a type of coffee of “excellent” quality and of a ethical company


Did you know that coffee among many other industries/companies, endorses child-labour on their farms? YES! Children are picking out our coffee beans! Based on an article from “Food is Power”, it was documented that 40% of the field workers in Honduras were children. These children are exploited! There are also forced labour slaves on coffee fields. Force labour is brutal, individuals work long ridiculous hours without rest and most of the time with little or no pay. They are exploited and abused for the sake of “coffee”. 

You’ll be surprise but not only humans  are affected by slavery, animals get their share of torture/abuse as well. Animals exploitation DOES happen on coffee farms… It’s absolutely absurd! Now, I’m not here on an activist call, I’m just giving you a few facts to bring truth to something that affects us all…Based on the stats from the Coffee Association of Canada, 65% of our population are coffee drinkers. Therefore this affects more than half of our population…

If you’re interested on more facts and a good article about coffee producers and farms, feel free to visit "Food is Power" as they provide a great read on this issue.

NOW!!! Here is the AMAZING news >> Santropol Montreal. If you haven’t of this coffee roaster than let me give you the scoop. First and formal, Santropol is the only roaster that works with 100% fair trade coffee producers in eight different countries. These countries include: Bolivia, Columbia, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, North-West Peru, Peru, and Sumatra.  With that being said, they are also 100% certified organic. 


100% Fair trade - 100% Organic…. trust me, it doesn’t get better than this! 

If you’re like me who strongly believe in human rights, FREEDOM (eg. against slavery), supports ethical based companies, and promotes sustainability, than I guarantee you’ll love Santropol’s mission!

Their mission states,

Our objective is to offer the finest possible spectrum of roasted coffees while working toward a fairer distribution of revenue, empowerment, and mutual respect among all participants in the chain, from farmer to consumer. We believe that social and economic justice and environmental stewardship are essential to global political and economic viability; that a sustainable global and local economy must, like a sustainable family, be built on non-violence, truth, equity, and respect for our planetary environment. 

Here's a little graphic info about Santropol:

Sometimes I feel like there isn’t much I can do to make CHANGE… but than I realize that if we all pitch in and do our parts, we will push our communities and societies into making AUTHENTIC CHANGE! 

So, the real question is, how is this relevant to design? or why am I even reading about coffee on a designer blog? Well, coffee is part of our society. Designers are people, and people drink coffee… So this definitely affects us all…

Get your Santropol Coffee TODAY and let's start making a difference, one coffee at a time!

PS. I want to be very clear that this is not a sponsored post in anyway. I genuinely support great causes and I’m always eager to share innovating or inspiring things. As you know me, I’m all about “designing with purpose”, creating a “better world”. I want authentic change, therefore I, myself want to be the cause of that change! I want to inspire you to be part of the evolution of this era and reap the act of doing GOOD… 

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