Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Hello Friends!

This post is dedicated to all first year students who decided to take on the challenge, pursue their passion/dreams and headed to design school! I still remember my first year in the interior design program, and as I look back, I wish I had gotten a few tips before walking into the unexpected path. As a proud interior design graduate, I would love to share with YOU my best resources to help you succeed through the school seasons.

Let's begin! First and foremost, get your hands on a measuring tape. It's your first route to success. In your first year of design school, it's the time where you will start getting familiar with standard measurements and dimensions such as door width, seating height, ceiling height, baseboard height, and many other standards. 

Have your measuring tape with you at ALL times as it will help you be efficient by quickly measuring and identify the dimension to the standards in your surrounding. 

**Measuring is more accurate than googling :)**

2.  Designers use x-acto vs. scissors. Interior design students cut A LOT of foam core, boards and samples, so that's when your x-acto knife comes in "handy" by producing sharp and straight edges. 

**Straight lines and clean/sharp edges are a MUST in design school! Trust me, you'll see soon enough. **

3. SHARPIE SHARPIE SHARPIE! You'll be using A LOT of sharpies so treat yourself to many different colours and thickness. In all my designer classes sharpie were used in the preliminary stage of design where we would trial different concept and develop space plans. Sharpies allowed us to freely express our ideas by sketching and creating "overlays" on the original plans. I must say, using all these sharpies and different colour was honestly a lot of FUN! 

4. This is pretty simple but easy to neglect. BIND ALL the papers you receive from your teachers and professors. This may include your course outline, assignment sheets, educational packages, etc. Bind them and keep them organize as you WILL reference back to them. Keep a pocket staple handy along with some paper clips and bulldog clips. 

5. Tracing paper is essential for the concept phase and space planning. I won't explain much of this, as you will quickly discover this phase of design. 

** ADVICE: Invest in architectural tracing paper with 11"h as it will be practical for using when studying 11" x 17" plans. **
6. Scale. Architectural or metric, you will need both, as you will explore different scaled plans. 

* I used my metal ruler as a straight edge to cut tracing paper :) *


8. BOOKS! RESOURCES! There are many books teacher and professor will recommend you but these four books were MY BEST preferences.

Interior Design Illustrated - Skim to the back and this book and this book will become the best resource to reference back to during your construction document classes.

Human Dimension & Interior Space - Great book with many standard dimensions for space planning. 

Perspective and sketching for designers - I started the interior design with no art background and this book has helped my tremendously. If you can relate and feel slightly anxious about your drawing skills, this book will help you. It comes with an online guide, video sessions and assignments after each module. This book will help you practice, practice, practice until you develop the skills. 

Color, Space, Style - The ultimate designer handbook. You simple need to visit your local book store to skim through this book to see its value! It's affordable and resourceful! 

There you have it! 8 things recommended by a design graduate to help you succeed in your years of design school. 

I always look back and see how privilege design students are as we get to constantly use our creativity. Therefore, as much as your classes become overwhelming, keep yourself organize, always be prepared and remember what initially motivated you to apply for the interior design program. I hope this post has helped you get prepared. I would love to hear what schools you will be studying at this Fall, so comment below and let me know :) Good luck friends!