Thursday, 19 January 2017

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Off topic question but I must ask, SERIOUSLY, Who cares about sustainability

Why should I care about sustainability?

I always felt that "sustainable people" were somewhat "aliens". I don't mean the reptile textured animal species that are from another planet (I actually just giggled because I thought of ET), I just mean like a foreigner. They're always parading around about recycling and "going GREEN". "Save our planet and GO GREEN". I'm sure you've heard it before and even meet one of those "sustainable people". 

Even in my early years of studies in interior design, I didn't see the importance of sustainability in interior space. I wasn't fond of the idea of "reusing" materials. It seemed like a downgrade or simply a cheap project. 

Don't get me wrong I DO recycle. I recycle EVERYWHERE I go but it isn't something I wanted to parade about or associate myself with until this past year. 

As many of you have been following my journey, and you've probably remembered my final project at Dawson College; the Birthing and Wellness clinic that I designed a proposal for. It was a project that taught me a lot between the correlation of nature and human health/wellness. I learned that nature is literally a remedy, has the ability to heal and increase our wellness levels.

Jill Richardson, Sociology Ph.D. student from University of Wisconsin-Madison shares an interesting point in her article, “The Amazing Ways Nature Can Heal You and Make You Feel at Your Best.” She states that “The basics behind the “nature is healthy” concept goes back decades. In 1984, a classic study found that hospital patients recovered from surgery quicker if their room offered a view of nature compared to those who looked out on a brick wall. Another study, published in 2003, found that health increased with the amount of green space in one’s living environment.”

Nature and health have been researched and analyzed for decades so there’s no surprise in the outcome of these studies. Therefore, understanding the impact nature has on our health brings awareness and consciousness.

In case you’re wondering if I got off track and confused about how nature and health refer to sustainability and recycling, well… let me explain.

This past fall, I had the privilege to enroll in a course dedicated to sustainability. I could tell you off the back that this course was eye-opening.

Did you know that our homes contain more pollution than the exterior? WHATTT!!!??
How is that possible? That was my FIRST question! I thought cars, buses, trains, planes, industrial farming, and smoking is what intoxicated our fresh air…

Well, the truth is, there are many components used in interior settings that effect our indoor air quality such as materials, ventilation, and humidity. This course taught me that an interior designers job is to work beyond the functionality of the space and seek to create a “safe” environment health wise.

Sustainability is much more than just recycling; it impacts our planet, our mental, physical and emotional health, and surely impacts our way of life. Sustainability is working alongside mother-nature. 

Learning this, gave me a new perspective and understanding. It wasn’t that I didn’t care about sustainability, I was simply not knowledgeable about it. My ignorance blocked perspective.


I learned so much and I can’t wait to share with you all! So stay tuned for my next several posts, as I will be spilling all about sustainability!

Before I wrap this up, I want to show you how sustainability not only impacts our health but it’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL!



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