Monday, 4 September 2017

Happy Monday friends!

I hope you're all enjoying labor Monday by sipping on some hot cocoa waiting for Autumn to arrive haha! I honestly cannot believe that summer is over. I felt like it flew by in a blink of an eye. I don't want to vent too much so to keep the mood on a good note, at least it's not winter yet! Before we leave summer officially behind, as promised, here are my top 3 favorite palm print interiors of 2017. ARE YOU READY!!!?

Oh, and if you missed the first part, check out my last post {In with the Palm Trend}.

First, we have the famous Leo's Oyster Bar in the Financial District of San Francisco. Not only they have an exotic/ tropical theme, they're also a very popular seafood restaurant bar with very high reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp. This is definitely a place we should add to our itinerary to San Francisco.

Photo Credit: Leo’s Oyster Bar

In 2nd place, it's the Lov Restaurant in my city, Montreal. They're a vegan and vegetarian restaurant who specializes in delivering botanical dishes. Lov hold's a strong mission by stating: 
LOV is a vision. An obsession and desire to go back to basics. We celebrate what the Earth gives us in each of our dishes, in all of our creations.
Learn more about our approach to, and perspective on, food.
The interior has been strategically designed to express a contemporary style along with "green" accents. Wouldn't you want to dine here? 
Photo Credit: LOV
Photo Credit: LOV
Last, we have the La Parada Del Mar restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa. It's a beachfront hot spot with high traffic. They're famous for their tapas and their oyster. With the use of natural woods, lively greens, rustic accessories, La Parada Del Mar is my third choice of top exotic palm print interiors of 2017. 

There are many more gorgeous palm print interiors but from these top three, which one appeals to you more? Where would you dine? Drop your answers below, I'd love to hear from you all!!!

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